Cooking fish by steam

Cooking fish by steam

Cooking fish by steam is an additional basic system A lot Utilized in China with terrific influence but, astonishingly, Just about unfamiliar in other places, is cooking by steam, referred to as jeng. The closest counterpart in American Delicacies is boiling. Each techniques use drinking water in lieu of oil to transmit the warmth, but there the resemblance ends. If, By way of example, you boil a piece of fish, Component of its style is bound to be missing in the drinking water; Apart from, You can not use other substances to enhance the flavor of the fish (they can only add flavor towards the soup). But in steaming, a hundred per cent in the flavor is preserved throughout the fish, and it’s possible you’ll insert taste with other components. The Chinese are very fond, of fish cooked this fashion, and cannot fully grasp the* Westerner who stubbornly insists, “I don’t like fish.” If you are trying this straightforward recipe, perhaps you will be converted, far too.

Cooking fish by steam:

Cooking fish by steam

Cooking fish by steam


1 fish (about two kilos, whole or Lower, new, or frozen and thawed)

2 tablespoons peanut oil

2 teaspoons soy sauce

2 teaspoons sherry

2 scallions or inexperienced onions, chopped great

six slices green ginger

5 dried mushrooms, soaked to melt,

then shredded Salt


2 slices cooked pork or lean ham (optional)


For stove leading steaming, use a conventional bamboo steamer, Chinese type, or a substantial coated pot. Address base with about two inches of h2o, and insert a stand by using a platter on it, or use an inverted dish large adequate to help keep the platter previously mentioned the boiling drinking water.

Brush the fish With all the liquid components and distribute the remaining ingredients in addition to it. When the h2o boils, put the fish on the platter, which is now very very hot. Include and Permit steam at high warmth right up until a check straw touches the bone and will come up clean up.

Take out and provide the fish promptly in the identical platter, which, Otherwise presentable, may very well be placed on a more decorative one particular. The whole thought is to obtain the fish cooked by an amazing warmth in no less than time, to be able to protect in full its freshness and delicacy of taste. Should the h2o were not boiling once the fish was put in, this would be comparable to leaving it inside of a warm spot just before cooking. The interval, however quick, has the influence of dulling the fragile fresh taste. For a similar reason even the platter Keeping the fish need to be preheated in the steam a touch that might be thought to be a “solution.” And getting rid of it when about ninety nine per cent done, to carry on cooking on its scorching plate until served, is the final move to perfection.

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